Welcome to official internet presentation
of the Cultural Art Society “Sevojno”


The mission of Cultural Art Society “Sevojno” is to collect and process our national dancing, singing and musical creativity. It means top artistic end professional dealing with all the components which all together make the totality in folklore and which, all taken apart, make a special species of art. Exactly all these creativities are artistically equally represented in program preparation and performance. In its work, the Cultural Art Society “Sevojno” was always coming from traditional dance, costume and music found around and when it wasn’t possible, the ensemble was working on preserving and reviving scientific records…

...The Ensemble “Sevojno” is ready for development of all forms of cooperation on nurture and affirmation of cultural creativity. The presentation of folk wealth is one of the ways of introduction and rapprochement among nations. The Cultural Art Society “Sevojno” especially takes care of cooperation with societies from other countries, and every exchange of visits in the same time is the exchange of cultural wealth and way of getting new friends. So, the Cultural Art Society “Sevojno” invites all inetersted societies, festivals and institutions, abroad and in the country, to work together on preserving and promoting folkloric heritage.