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of the Cultural Art Society “Sevojno”


Folkloric school

Our folkloric school is founded with aim that beginners learn the basic elements of folklore and to master the basic dictionary which is used for explanation of steps and folkloric movements. The beginners of our school mostly are the children of school age which have a little or don’t have at all experience in this kind of art. It is especially important pedagogic education of the beginners in behavior with instructors, the society end environment where they live and work. The program of folkloric school is conceived in the way the children, through dance, master the basic rhytyms and, through them, learn scheduled steps, drill the plastic of whole body movements, learn traditional songs which accompy their dance, learn to breathe during dance and to warm and prepare their bodies through different exercises for future bigger efforts which they will meet when they pass to older groups. As well, it is big pleasure to get used boys to the girls and vicerersa which in their age is really difficult and slowly achieved.

The school of musical education

The unique program of musical education enriches the world of the youngest and as well the medium beginners of our school and brings the joy in their homes. In our programs the whole psychophysical development of the beginners strengthens throught active listening, movements, creation, feeling, expressivity, reading and playing music. The progression of adopting musical elements and concept is realised through different programes for all beginners, gradually and sistematically deepening the comprehension of music language. In the program of beginners is integrated percepcion of the basic musical elements: tempo, dynamics, height and colour of tone, caracter and emotional musical context. Often friendships, listening and public performances of their and concerts with folkloric group, stimulate the feeling of togetherness, team work and make stonger social component of music.