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Cultural Artistic Society "Севојно"


The Folk orchestra contributes with its quality and there are eleven (11) members. It is the winner of many awards and recognitions in many contests. Vocal soloists are the part of it and they have been awarded many times for their interpretations in various folk reviews.

The members of folk orchestra are:

»Mitrašinović Goran (accordition)
»Pejić Goiran (guitar)
»Andrić Nikola (guitar)
»Аndrić Kristina (flute)
»Martić Slobodan (fife, clarinet)
»Rodaljević Una (flute)
»Damljanović Nebojša (violin)
»Cvetić Irena (violin)
»Мatović Sara (violin)
»Nikola Bošković (contrabass)
»Мilosavljević Matija (percussionist)