Welcome to official internet presentation
of the Cultural Art Society “Sevojno”


The Cultural Art Society of „Copper Mill plc and Aluminuim Mill Impol Seval plc“ was founded in 1954. Since then meny generations have fallen in love with beauty, dance, songs and friendship. The Society for years was gathering many members working in different sections, but folkloric section in time distinguished itself with its work and success and grew up in today's ensemble of national dances and songs.

For decades, the Cultural Art Society “Sevojno” has been among leading in Serbia. Many different visits in festivals all around the world, notable awards and recognitions are confirmation of work quality with generations of young lovers of national dance and song. During the past years, taking part in greatest festivals around the world and in the country and winning the biggest awards and the most remarkable recognitions, the ensemble imposed with its performing abilities, repertoire quality, as well with its originality and costume beauty. Trying to preserve national dance, songs and custom as faithfully as it is possible, the ensemble nurtures first of all the tradition of its region, but in the same time dances, songs and custom of the entire Serbia and wider. The variety of dances, rhythms, forms and styles are the caracteristcs of this ensemble. The entire scenic experience is completed by original and high-quality reconstructions of costume and it was always taken care of it. Thanks to it, the ensemble “Sevojno” today possesses a rich collection of costume and some of them are original examples old over hundred years.